Month: December 2009

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Christmas-time Reading

Some older books, some new ones; all are worth the price of a cheap meal out, much more sustaining, and all are non-fattening: [geoads2] The Complete works of Malcolm Gladwell – his stuff makes you […]
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Values Driven Culture

What do the MPs expenses row and the Banking Crisis have in common? A set of rules being followed without a framework of values to inform peoples’ behaviour. [geoads2] It’s striking how similar the two […]
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People Howlers

Given the end of the year is looming we thought we would capture in one place the 10 worst examples of people management practices we have come across this year: [geoads2] Using the economy as […]

Proust Questionnaire

With the holidays almost upon us, Christmas parties are in full swing and soon we’ll be looking forward to the year ahead. It’s a great time to explore the ‘Proust Questionnaire’. This structured set of […]