Month: September 2009

What Do You Think Will Happen?

Six real time business plays that in a few years time, with hindsight, will look like obvious successes or failures. [geoads2] Digital books. Will the Amazon Kindle (still to arrive in the UK) dominate? Or […]
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How To Improve Your Future Thinking

Below are some random thoughts and ideas to help with developing your point of view about your business(es) future. [geoads2] As markets mature they commoditise and the race to the bottom begins. Choose a different […]

The Recession Is Now A Year Old

The recession is now a year old (happy birthday?) and during that year employees have been under pressure. Pressure to deliver results with reduced budgets, pressure to bring in new business when leads have dried […]

Making The Most Of Development On A Budget

As the economy picks up (whether into a V or a W) work patterns will become more erratic and reduced workforces will be stretched until sufficient confidence returns to add new people. This means employees […]
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What Does A Smart Manager Look Like?

In a period of instability, change and turmoil are buffeting the front-line managers now more than ever. There are restructures, redundancies and re-focusing happening in many organisations right now. Front-line managers have always had one […]

Making Best Practice Work For You

As organisations of all sorts re-assess their current situations and start to plan for a post-recession future, the way forward is not always clear. Some organisations have lost key customers who they will need to […]