Month: May 2009

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Developing A High Performance Mind-Set*

In our sales development and coaching work we have been collating material from profiling a cohort of high performance sales people across several B2B organisations. The one thing they have in common is they are […]
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Changing Your Organisation – Recession Or Not

Assuming you’ve already made the critical changes required for your organisation to survive, the next challenge is how should you change your organisation to thrive? [geoads2] Different approaches are being deployed; some organisations believing any […]
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Bird Flu, Banks, Swines and You

It seems that we’re never too far from a crisis. Whether we’re crunched by credit, panicked by pandemics, or outraged by outbreaks, there’s always something to be worried about. It may seem that all that […]
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Did You Choose A Real Leader?

The news has been full of Members of Parliament’s expenses this week. The publication of itemised expenses claims with receipts has been great fun for the newspapers as they construct lifestyles based on charges for […]
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100 Days Of Management

Barack Obama has just completed his first 100 days as President of the United States. He’s put in place a $787bn economic stimulus plan, put 2m acres of wilderness under federal protection, set in place […]

Customer Satisfaction – Is It Enough?

Businesses all talk about ensuring customer satisfaction as a priority. They even do detailed and lengthy surveys to determine just how satisfied their customers are – and why? – because we all know the old […]