Month: July 2008

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13 Rules Fo The Effective Use Of E-mail

E-mail overuse and misuse is killing many organisations productivity and morale. We believe firm action is needed. From being in many different organisations, with different cultures, we have distilled the issues into 13 rules. See […]
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Pragmatism Or A Lack Of Integrity?

Your organisation needs to change shape, whether that’s due to economic circumstances or because of a change of strategy. This can mean cutting back on the work force. In such circumstances, how do you approach […]
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Change – Sticking With It

Change programmes fail far too often. In response organisations spend plenty of time planning the change (a sensible idea), launching it, communicating it (another must do), but still find themselves losing enthusiasm when the excitement […]

Presenting A Positive Impression

With some big businesses having to fess up to past and current mistakes which have resulted in big drops in both profit and share prices, it’s interesting to see how they cope with both presenting […]