Month: May 2008

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Building Sustainable Success

This weekend Manchester United claimed the Premiership title for the tenth time under Sir Alex Ferguson’s twenty one year career as Team Manager. It was a huge success, with a little excitement, waiting until the […]
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Where Are Your Bags Going On Holiday?

Heathrow Terminal Five seems to have settled down a little and long haul flights are easing their way in. Passengers however are still nervous and planes are full of extra hand baggage ‘just in case’ […]
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Natural Born Leaders

Are leaders born or made? This is a really boring question, like the nature/nurture debate.  Boring, because it’s obviously both, in both cases.  That “making” doesn’t start or end the moment people join your organisation […]

“Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something”

“Nothing happens until somebody sells something”, is one of the great sales managers’ rah rah clichés. But that doesn’t make it invalid. [geoads2] Its obviousness contains a critical truth that a business won’t survive for […]