Month: March 2008

Are You In The Zone?

We are all familiar with being in our Comfort Zone, but what about the other performance/behaviour zones that can help you focus on being more effective and understand why you feel like you do when […]
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Building Teams With Spirit

Last weekend presented plenty of opportunities to study team dynamics with both positive and negative outcomes. The FA Cup quarter finals provided a string of shock results with underdogs claiming wins in three out of […]

What We’re Reading – Aesop’s Fables

Business books come and go with favourites such as Drucker, Peters and Blanchard all having had a big following only to be replaced by some new author with a new approach for a modern age. […]

Making Learning Work

Organisations spend a lot of money on learning and development, most of it going on training and the purchase learning resources. Often the investment is a good one in that well designed, practical and effective […]

Persuasion – Why Do People Buy?

People buy when there is a gap between their current situation and their ideal situation. It is essential at the pre-presentation (sales investigation) stage that we find out the gaps or needs and wants of […]
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The Power Of Telephone Behaviour

Dealing with people on the telephone requires a different set of interpersonal skills than if talking face-to-face. If compensations and allowances are not made, the caller can be made to feel unwanted and a nuisance. […]