Month: October 2007

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Beyond The Language Barrier

With an ever increasingly globalised business world, language barriers are important. You’re reading this in English, which is the current global language of business, yet language is only one element of the cross cultural challenge […]
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Working Around The Problem

Many organisations offer management training programmes to their employees; some offer management development programmes, sometimes there’s a difference beyond the name. The key determinant of their effectiveness is whether managers are doing a better job. […]
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The Role of The Account Manager

Is there a difference between being a salesperson and being an account manager? We think so. Account managers: [geoads2] Must be multi-skilled salespeople Should strive for continuous improvement. Need to know as much about the […]

Motivation Techniques

Motivation may be described as ‘having sufficient reason’ for doing something. Nobody ever does anything unless he or she has a reason for doing so: to motivate is ‘to furnish with a reason or motive’, […]

How To Manage Your Time More Effectively

Before you start to plan how you are going to get more control over your time, it is important to identify which areas are in most urgent need of attention. Putting the issues into an […]