Month: June 2007

Connecting With The C-Suite

Are you capable of having a C-Suite conversation? Anybody with the word Chief in their job title; be it with Executive, Financial, Technology, or Information these are the people that lead businesses. Salespeople that can […]

Do You Have ‘Apprentice’ Potential?

So Sir Alan has chosen Simon Ambrose to be his apprentice for the year. It’s been enjoyable viewing with the usual selection of quite nice people, fantasists and megalomaniacs fighting it out because ‘basically they […]

The End Of The Neophobes

Rats are neophobes. If you happen to have a rat problem, and want a humane and organic, if not altogether neighbourly, solution, it pays to play on this. Disrupting a rat’s routine, by steps as […]
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Performance Appraisal

During the last decade it has become apparent that intellectual understanding, knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge is the fuel for global competitiveness and growth. Increasingly companies are reliant on the knowledge and […]

Relationship Building Behaviours

Effective account development relies on the account manager having excellent relationship building skills. A survey of companies found that the following are the most important relationship building skills they expect from supplier account managers: Utilising […]