Month: May 2007

Build Your Own E-Learning

E-learning can be a great way to provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to improve their performance now and in the future. The best e-learning offers users an interesting and engaging approach […]

Feeding The Development Need

Developing the people who work in your business is a good idea. People often feel they should be providing learning opportunities across the business but budget and time restrictions mean they feel limited in what […]

Protect And Perfect – A Serum For Success

Boots have been hitting the headlines over the last week with their Protect and Perfect anti-aging moisturiser. People have queued outside the stores early in the morning to snap up new supplies following positive publicity. […]

Managing Change

Change is a day-to-day reality for organisations. In order to succeed they have to be able to adapt. But there’s no single model of change and no single solution to managing it effectively. Many kinds […]

Competency Frameworks

What Is A Competency? The term competency is now generally defined as the behaviours that employees must have, or must acquire, to input into a situation in order to achieve high levels of performance. [geoads2] […]
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Many organisations are struggling to enable real learning (not just training) amongst a diverse population of employees in a way that is accessible, engaging, effective and aligned. Meanwhile self directed employees are becoming more demanding […]