20 of the Most Common Business Excuses

Ownership is mind-set determined – see how many of the following you recognise:


  1. Yes I agree with you , you’re right I do need to change – soon
  2. These numbers are not good enough, they will improve – soon
  3. I’m going to sign up for an MBA, its time for me to improve my business education – when I get the time
  4. I nearly told her/him what I really thought of them. I was that close to losing it.
  5. Next month/quarter/year I will deliver a better performance
  6. Factors beyond my control were to blame for missing the numbers (select from a long list – the wrong weather a favourite amongst some company chairmen)
  7. It’s a personality clash, there’s nothing I can do
  8. It’s good in theory but won’t work in practice (then it’s a bad theory)
  9. My boss is a nightmare
  10. I don’t have the resources, or its evergreen predecessor
  11. I don’t have the time
  12. We can’t fire them, it’s too difficult (not if done correctly)
  13. Better ongoing mediocre performance, than a vacancy (this breeds mediocrity)
  14. People need time to come to terms with changing their behaviour (no they don’t, people need time to change their attitudes not their behaviour)
  15. The other department/person/division is to blame.
  16. We are incompatible star signs (true – said a manager earning £75K plus a year)
  17. Where can you get good people these days?
  18. People these days are more disloyal
  19. I have an addictive personality
  20. I have a low metabolic rate

The issue with this list is not to test them for truth, they might be, that’s not the point. People with a high ownership mind-set seek to transcend issues not use them as excuses as to why something has not been achieved/done/actioned.


What’s good fun (or depressing if they work close to you) is, once you spot someone with a low ownership mind-set, how often these excuses crop up.