15 Ways To Identify A Mis-Managed Sales Organisation


  1. Keeping a mediocre sales person in post who does not have the capability to improve because it’s easier than firing them and finding a better replacement.
  2. Seeing sales managers spending more time at head office than in the field with sales people and key customers.
  3. Operating a bonus scheme that does not motivate sales people to perform at a higher level than they otherwise would.
  4. Not having any sales targets in place well before the start of the next financial year.
  5. Leaving product/application/technical training to chance, or ‘when we have time’.
  6. Having no effective account management process in place.
  7. Inaccurate sales forecasting, where gaming the system and surviving the process is more important than producing real and meaningful data.
  8. Having an unfit for purpose CRM system.
  9. Seeing one or two senior experienced, long serving salespeople set cultural and performance standards, with their managers not prepared to take them on.
  10. Having only ‘winner takes all’ incentive schemes that create an inwards looking competitive perspective, rather than competing against individual targets.
  11. Having a finance director who sees a prime function of their role to minimise the amount of money the salespeople earn.
  12. Firing sales people for poor performance, but ignoring/rewarding poor behaviour.
  13. Promoting the best sales people into management positions with no regard for first indentifying whether they have any managerial capability.
  14. No understanding, or development, of sales best practice.
  15. An over-managed under-led directive approach.