10 Ways To Answer Objections

Even when you have made the best sales case possible for your product or service, customers sometimes raise an objection: – a reason for not accepting what you offer.

Don’t be disappointed.  If the customer is interested enough in what you say to raise an objection then the customer is interested enough to buy from you.

Do’s And Don’ts

  1. Do prepare your answers to likely objections before you telephone.
  2. Don’t annoy a prospect by destroying their argument- do it tactfully.
  3. Do return to your planned sales presentation after you have answered the objection.
  4. Don’t allow the prospect to control discussions on price – ask the question “Do you buy only on price?”
  5. Do be sure to have all relevant information to hand e.g. stock availability, delivery times, price lists.
  6. Don’t interrupt the prospect when they’re stating their objection – listen attentively and hear them out.
  7. Do be sure you understand the objection – before you respond, repeat it if necessary, it shows you care about the prospect’s opinions.
  8. Don’t allow tension to creep into the discussion – avoid it by appearing to agree:

    “Chris, you are quite right in thinking that because of your production requirements this Widget may not cut costs, but there could be other ways to save you money”.

  9. Do be ready to turn an objection into a sales aid:

    “I know our delivery is slow, but we can do better than some of your competitors if you plan ahead and place provisional orders. That’s why I’m telephoning you first”.

  10. Don’t be afraid to ask direct questions:

    “Why do you want to wait 3 months before testing our Widgets Sam?”. “What is your policy Sam about dual sources for Widgets supplies”.