10 New Sales Resolutions That Will Improve Your Business Performance (For Salespeople)

Whether you’re planning for January, for your new job, or just for a new you, here’s some ideas for you:

  1. Do one more unit of activity in the relevant time period. That might be one more sales visit per week, one more presentation per month or one more phone call per day. Improve your ratios without loss of quality and the sales numbers will follow.
  2. Speak to a difficult customer you have been putting off talking to. Our analysis shows salespeople are more likely to talk to customers they like before ones they don’t, regardless of the business opportunity.
  3. Sort out your sales collateral. PDFs, web pages, tech specs, presentations etc., should all be in pristine condition and up to date, including the correct year on everything.
  4. What about your own learning? How much are you trading on what you’ve known for some time, how much recently acquired? Your own learning curve always needs to be at a stepper angle than your customers.
  5. Clear out your sales pipeline. All the hopeful things that in reality aren’t going to ever convert move to the dead category. ‘Fess up at the next sales meeting, focus on the few that do show potential for conversion.
  6. Stop giving your sales manger a hard time. They are not the enemy; being permanently ‘high maintenance’ is not doing you any favours.
  7. Improve your networks, both inside the company and out in the marketplace.
  8. Do a personal skills audit, be objective about your strengths and weaknesses. Do something to improve/exploit your conclusions.
  9. Take more ownership for failures, you are then in control of solving them.
  10. Work harder.