10 New Sales Resolutions That Will Improve Your Business Performance (For Sales Managers)

  1. Stop believing that a mediocre person is better than a vacancy. It institutionalises average as being acceptable. Improve the person’s performance or change the person.
  2. Stop running your own target, or house accounts. You are either a professional manager or not. Part-time sales management impedes team performance.
  3. Spend longer periods of time with individuals; even it makes the frequency of seeing them less. One three day stint per month, doing some really deep coaching is much better than three separate one day sessions of ‘manic togetherness’.
  4. Focus more on Critical Success Factors (input activities), rather than Key Performance Indicators (output results). It’s CSFs that create the figures, not the other way round.
  5. Stop worrying about what you can’t control. The economy, the board, the weather etc. A waste of brain space.
  6. Reinvigorate your sales meetings. They need to motivate and energise, inform and engage people. If people voted on their continued existence, would they still be happening?
  7. Start praising people more. Why do you find it so difficult? It’s free, very motivating and will make you feel better as well.
  8. Spend less time managing upwards and more time on coaching your people. Exceeding targets is your reason for being.
  9. Get out more. Joint customer visits, industry events, on the job training, etc should always be ‘hard wired’ into your activity plans.
  10. Accelerate your own learning. You need to be the smartest person (not the best salesperson) on the team.