10 New Sales Resolutions That Will Improve your Business Performance (For Sales Directors)

Whether it’s the turn of a calendar year, your first year as a sales manager, or just the turning of a new leaf, here’s some resolutions for you:

  1. Make your sales managers fully accountable for their teams’ performance. Give them the resources and let them get on with it.
  2. Nail your sales strategy. Is it distinctive, compelling, clear, and embedded throughout the sales organisation?
  3. Become the custodian for your Customer Value Proposition. Fight with marketing if necessary. Look to constantly improve and develop.
  4. Stop/reduce Managing and start/increase Leading.
  5. (Better) educate your Board as to what selling is really about. If you don’t, when the figures are poor you will be constantly fighting off mad suggestions as to how to improve things.
  6. Spend more time with Customers, periodically try to see them on your own, but never undermine your salespeoples’ authority or position.
  7. Stay connected to the salespeople. Attend local meetings, have lunch with them, be available (appropriately).
  8. If you are also responsible for marketing give it the same attention as the selling dimension. Few Sales Directors who hold the marketing brief understand it properly. Strategic Marketing as opposed to Marketing Communications is a critical component in building competitive advantage.
  9. Build the public profile of the business.
  10. Accelerate your own learning; your credibility depends on it.